Our History

Establishment of the Cherokee Woman’s Club, now known as the Cartersville Woman’s Club.

Cartersville Woman’s Club was formed in the late 1890’s with the original name of Cherokee Woman’s Club.  It was the first woman’s club in the City of Cartersville.  At that time their mission was to establish a library, to promote the Cause of Fellowship among women, Education and Charity, and all things that went to the betterment of the Community.  Judge A.W. Fite granted this Charter in 1896 and at that time the Club became a part of the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs.  

The Seventh District of the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs was organized at Calhoun in 1909.  The Cherokee Club was one of the five original clubs.  The second meeting was held in the Clubroom in August of 1910 and 14 clubs were represented at the 7th District meeting.

1928-1947 – Cartersville Service League.  Efforts were made during 1928-1947 to revive the Cherokee Woman’s Club.  By this time the clubhouse had fallen into disrepair and the ladies focused their efforts to raise money to successfully restore the clubhouse, however, efforts to reactivate the Cherokee Woman’s Club membership were not and the club became inactive. 

In 1940 the Cartersville Woman’s Club was organized. This group took over the many responsibilities of the Cherokee Woman’s Club.  They continued their volunteer efforts within the community, but in 1947 they attempted to offer their library and clubhouse to the City, however the City could not accept the offer. 

In 1962 the City offered to purchase the Bill Peoples property on Cherokee Avenue, renovate the house and use it for the Cartersville City Library. This was in exchange for the Cherokee Club Building.  The new facility of opened in February 17, 1963.  Due recognition was given to the Cherokee Woman’s Club, Cartersville Service League and others that assisted in establishing the library.

In 1967 the name of the Club changed once again to the Cartersville Woman’s Club.  The Cartersville Woman’s Club has been living the volunteer spirit through its various chapters for well over 100 years.  Today, our club woman find needs in the community that need to be filled.  They work with various nonprofits within the City of Cartersville to help make a difference in their community.  Click here to read our entire history.

Feel free to contact us to join our club, sponsor or partner with us during special events.  “Volunteerism is the vice of the people put into action.  These actions shape and mold the present into a future of which we can all be proud.”  Helen Dyer

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